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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Startup Ideas with Source Code on GitHub

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Startup Ideas with Source Code on GitHub

AI Startups with Source code on github

Artificial intelligence (AI) has accelerated the pace of our lives and has led to the emergence of many AI applications and services that have a significant impact on people’s lives.

System AI is the painstaking process of creating human features and talents on a computer and then using its processing power to surpass human abilities. Machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, computer vision, and natural language processing are examples of numerous areas of AI.

AI entities are created for different purposes, so they are different. Several types of artificial intelligence are listed below:

Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)
Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)
Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

The purpose of artificial intelligence is to empower humans and help us make complex decisions with far-reaching consequences. AI performs high-volume, regular automated tasks rather than automating manual work. And he does it consistently and without fatigue. Of course, a person still needs to tune the system and ask the right questions.

Tools and frameworks for creating AI projects

AI adapts by allowing the data to program itself through progressive learning algorithms. In order for algorithms to learn, AI looks for structure and patterns in the data. An algorithm can teach itself to play chess, just as it can teach itself to recommend a product. Deep neural networks are used by AI to achieve amazing accuracy. For example, your interactions with Alexa and Google are based on deep learning. And the more you use them, the more accurate they become.

Popular tools and frameworks that can be used to create AI projects: Scikit Learn, TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Caffe, Theano.

Some of the popular languages ​​that you can use to create your AI projects are: Python (most popular), R, LISP, C++, Julia.

Below are 17 interesting AI project ideas with source code on GitHub that you should try to make and modify for your startup idea.

Goods and services recommendation system (AI recommendation system)

Recommender systems have become widespread in our lives as a result of the emergence of Youtube, Amazon, Netflix, and other similar web services. They are algorithms that help people find the items they need.

In some businesses, recommender systems are critical because they can generate a lot of revenue or serve as a way to stand out from the competition. It determines the compatibility of the user and the item, as well as the similarity between users and items, in order to make recommendations.

Source Code on GitHub: AI Recommendation System

AI-based content plagiarism analyzer

The Internet is full of content and plagiarism that can be found on millions of different sites. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine what content is plagiarized and what is not. It is difficult for blog authors and magazine publishers to check if their work has been stolen and posted elsewhere. News organizations routinely investigate whether the content farm has stolen their news stories and passed them off as their own.

The task is difficult. What if you had your own plagiarism detection software? Artificial intelligence provides such an opportunity.

Source code on GitHub: Python Plagiarism Checker AI System

Next word prediction (hint) on mobile devices

Writing quickly and without spelling mistakes is never easy. It’s not difficult to type correctly and quickly using a desktop computer keyboard, but typing on smaller devices like smartphones and tablets is a different story and can be frustrating for many of us.

With the Next Word Prediction AI Project, you can improve your mobile typing experience by simply predicting the next word in a sentence fragment. You won’t have to type full sentences, because the algorithms will predict the next word for you, the speed of writing and the number of typos will be significantly reduced.

Source code: AI next word prediction on smartphones

Face Recognition AI System

Facial recognition is an AI technology for recognizing or verifying a person’s identity from their face. This technology can recognize faces in photos, videos, and in real-time. One type of biometric security is face recognition. Despite the growing interest in other applications, this technology is mainly used for security and law enforcement.

Typically, an AI face recognition system does not require a large database of images to identify a person; rather, it simply identifies and recognizes one person as the sole owner of the device, restricting access to others.

Source code on GitHub: Face recognition

AI-Based Prediction of Cardiovascular Disease

From a medical point of view, this AI project is beneficial in that it is designed to provide online medical consultations and recommendations to people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. The application will learn and receive information about many different heart diseases. This smart system uses artificial intelligence approaches to predict the most accurate disease that can be associated with the information provided by the patient. Users can then seek medical advice from specialists based on the diagnosis of the system.

Source Code: AI Heart Disease Prediction System

AI system for analyzing candidates’ resumes

This is one of the more intriguing concepts of the AI ​​project. Selecting worthy candidates from a huge pile of resumes is not an easy task. The goal of this project is to develop cutting-edge software that can provide a legally sound and fair resume ranking system.

Candidates will be ranked in a specific job profile based on their abilities and experience. All other important factors will also be taken into account, such as soft skills, interests, professional qualifications, and so on. This will eliminate all unsuitable candidates for the position and compile a list of the best applicants for this position.

Source code on GitHub: AI Resume Analysis System

AI system for tracking and forecasting sales

Any business has a huge amount of goods, it is a difficult task to track and predict their sales and movement in the warehouse. This is where an AI sales forecasting system can help. It allows you to track new arrivals of products and goods that are not in stock. Sales forecasting is a big and serious job. You must develop an algorithm to determine the number of items sold daily and predict the sales of that item on a weekly or monthly basis.

Source code: AI-based sales prediction

Automated Attendance Recording System in Educational Institutions

An automatic system for recording the attendance of students and schoolchildren tracks the attendance of people in educational institutions. Different from the traditional attendance system, the automatic attendance software allows the staff of the institutions to record, store and control the history of student attendance, as well as effectively manage the team. The technology is beneficial in that it generates a detailed attendance report for each class. It saves time, money, and resources for the user.

Source Code: Automated Attendance System

AI system for medicine – diagnosis by detecting pneumonia

Artificial intelligence is able to detect the disease on x-rays of patients. To develop an AI system, convolutional neural networks (CNNs) are used. By analyzing chest x-rays, the AI ​​project can automatically determine if a patient has pneumonia or not. Since human lives are at stake, the algorithm must be very accurate.

Source code on GitHub: AI system for detecting pneumonia

Chatbots with artificial intelligence

Creating a chatbot is one of the main initiatives based on artificial intelligence. You should start by developing a basic chatbot for customer service. Ideas can be gleaned from chatbots that can be found on numerous websites and apps.

After creating a basic chatbot, you can refine it and create a more complex version of the bot. Artificial intelligence allows you to push the boundaries of fantasy and supports you in turning your ideas into reality.

Source Code on GitHub: AI

Unmanned vehicles with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence algorithms make it possible to create self-driving cars (unmanned vehicles). They allow the car to collect data about its surroundings from cameras and other sensors, analyze it, and decide what actions to take. Breakthroughs in artificial intelligence have allowed cars to learn how to perform these tasks better than humans. The project uses complex mathematical calculations and pattern recognition methods.

Source code: Self-driving car with artificial intelligence

AI system for coloring b/w images (image colorization)

Many of us, when viewing old photographs in black and white and grayscale, find it difficult to imagine the colors in which the moment was captured. The AI ​​system offers an ideal solution as it can be used to create an intelligent image colorization system. The technique of adding colors to a halftone image to make it more pleasing to the eye and more meaningful is known as image colorization.

Source code on GitHub: AI colorization system for b/w images

AI Chess Game

Chess is a popular game, and in order to improve our enjoyment of it, it is necessary to implement a good artificial intelligence system that can compete with humans and make chess a difficult task. Artificial intelligence has changed the way top-level chess games are played today. Most Grandmasters and Super Grandmasters use the latest AI chess engines to evaluate their own play and that of their opponents.

Source code: Chess game

Estimating a person’s posture in motion in real-time

Determining the position of a person’s body by calculating the various joints of the body is known as estimating a person’s posture. It is a computer vision technique for tracking the movement of a person or object. This is usually achieved by locating critical points for the objects in question. The AI ​​system uses an estimate of a person’s position in motion to determine where the person’s eyes and head are in order to apply a filter. Similarly, we can evaluate the position of a person in real-time and apply filters to it.

Source Code on GitHub: Human Pose Estimation AI System

AI system that determines the aging of the human face

Generative adversary networks (GANs) are a type of deep neural network that generates data through machine learning without training. With the recent success of the GAN architecture, we are able to produce high-resolution image changes. You can create an application that takes an image of a person as input and returns a photo of the same person 30 years later. This is a rather complex project to implement the GAN architecture.

Source Code: Facial Aging AI System

Image Caption AI Generator

Caption generation is a complex AI task that requires you to create a text description for a given photo. This requires both computer vision technologies to understand the content of an image, and a natural language processing language model to convert image understanding into words in the correct order. Deep learning AI approaches have recently achieved the highest scores.

Source code on GitHub: AI Image Caption Generator

AI voice virtual assistant

Voice personal assistants are useful tools for facilitating routine activities. You can use virtual voice assistants for tasks such as searching for goods/services on the Internet, buying goods for you, taking notes and creating reminders, and more. Since the assistant has been trained to understand normal human language, it will recognize the command and store it in the database. Based on the spoken phrase, he will determine the user’s goal and take appropriate actions. It can also convert text to speech.

Source Code: AI Voice Virtual Assistant

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