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IoT Project Prototypes with Source Code on Github

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IoT Project Prototypes with Source Code on Github


Internet of Things (IoT) technology is ubiquitous in today’s dynamic world. You can take any of the 20 listed IoT business ideas for a startup and create something useful, something that will serve humanity for a lifetime.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a revolutionary technology in today’s innovative world. The Internet of Things is a network of connected physical objects using the Internet. The list of physical objects includes software, embedded electronics, sensors, and more.

So, IoT collects data and exchanges it between a network of connected devices to make the best decision. This advanced technology is developing and growing every day. According to forecasts, in the next 3 years, the use of devices connected to the Internet of things will grow by 13.7%, thus the number of IoT-enabled devices will increase to 41.6 million units.

20 business ideas and prototypes of IoT startup projects that are relevant today:

Air pollution monitoring system using IoT

Currently, air quality has deteriorated in almost all metropolitan areas due to air pollution. Because of this, people’s health deteriorates and many diseases flare up. Air pollution monitoring systems using the Internet of Things can help measure air quality using the Internet. In this project, the LCD will constantly display air quality in PPM to monitor it regularly while saving important logs for future use.

Whenever the air quality deteriorates compared to the control value, the system gives an alarm using the MQ135 and MQ6 sensors. These sensors can detect harmful gases in the air and measure their exact amount in real time.

Prototype Source Code – Air Pollution System

Air pollution monitoring prototype using IoT data

Weather reporting system using IoT

One of the best IoT-based projects is the Weather Report system, which provides local weather forecasts. This project reduces dependence on weather forecasting agencies.

The system collects information from temperature, humidity and rain sensors and reports statistics online using the Internet. Red, yellow and green alerts can be configured to detect extreme disasters such as volcanoes, tsunamis, heavy rains and more.

Prototype source code

IoT based weather reporting system

Flood detection system using IoT

Natural disasters such as floods cause great damage almost every year in many countries. A flood detection system that predicts floods well in advance is a great project that can also help prevent huge losses of property and other valuable assets.

The system monitors and detects various environmental factors such as temperature, humidity or water levels to predict and generate alerts to minimize losses.

Intelligent Gas Leak Detection Bot Using IoT

The gas pipeline is almost the lifeline of every household and industry. Any leak in it could result in a fire, a factory accident, or the spread of toxicity in the air.

Chemistry students can use their detailed knowledge of chemicals and insert a bot into a pipe to track down any leak. In case the bot detects any leak, the location is transmitted via the GPS sensor over the IoT network.

Home automation system using IoT

The human touch automation system is the most popular IoT project. The system automates all the functions of household appliances in the house, such as a fan, light, TV, water heater and many others that are connected via the IoT network.

This project gives you the ability to control and manage all household appliances in your home with just one click on your smartphone from anywhere in the world. The AVR family microcontroller, built-in touch input contacts and Wi-Fi connection integrate the home automation system.

Liquid level monitoring system using IoT

This liquid level monitoring system monitors multiple liquid levels and prevents them from flooding. Liquids that are used in large volumes in industrial sectors, this system can be of great help in handling them.

With the help of the system, it is possible not only to track, but also to detect leaks in pipelines. Few sensors that can be used in a monitoring system are ultrasonic, conductive and float sensors.

Smart garage door using IoT

When you’re in a rush and need to spend almost 4-5 minutes to manually open the garage door, drive the car out, and then close the door, no matter how annoying it is. Smart garage doors using IoT can control your garage door with your smartphone by integrating with the IoT network.

It also eliminates the need to manually lock the door. The amazing features of the system can be laser and voice commands, as well as smart notifications for better monitoring.

Prototype Source Code – Smart Garage

Smart garage using Bolt-IoT and Arduino

Facial recognition bot

The Facial Recognition Bot project is the coolest project that involves the creation of an AI bot equipped with facial recognition capabilities. This system can recognize different people’s faces and voices to identify unique voices.

Also, other functions of the system can be personal identification, face recognition and emotion recognition. A camera, advanced security systems and a reliable Wi-Fi connection will be important elements of the system.

Child Monitoring System – Smart Cradle using IoT

In this generation, most people prefer to work actively, so most couples (both husband and wife) leave home for work. For all the ladies who leave their kids to work, use the new Smart Cradle System concept to make their life more relaxed. With it, parents can monitor the baby from a distance.

The cradle is equipped with a crying detection mechanism, live video feed and a user-friendly interface when the baby is placed in the cradle. In addition, it monitors bed humidity and temperature to ensure IoT-based comfort for babies.

Source Code – Smart Cradle System

Smart farming system using IoT

The population is growing rapidly, so our needs and for which agriculture uses IoT to increase productivity. The Smart Agriculture system helps to perform and control many agricultural tasks.

With the help of sensors, you can automatically irrigate a plot of land on a schedule or spray fertilizer on farms. Using this system, farmers can monitor their crops from anywhere and focus on other manual intensive farming tasks for better results.

Smart alarm clock using IoT

One of the most interesting ideas of the IoT project is the “Smart Alarm Clock”. It will not only help you wake up, but also works as a functional device loaded with various functions. Chat initiation, voice commands, audio amplifier control, speech synthesizer, and more are just a few of the many features.

Prototype Source Code – Smart Alarm Clock

Smart parking system using IoT

Due to heavy traffic on the roads, it is almost impossible to find a free parking space without any hitches. The IoT-based smart parking system is the solution to solve all parking problems.

It is designed to avoid finding parking spaces for suitable parking. The system transmits a complete picture of the area and displays an image of free parking spaces so that drivers can drive their car to the exact free space.

Smart traffic management system using IoT

As the world’s population increases, and with it the traffic on the roads, IoT-based intelligent traffic management system is the ideal answer to current needs. The system can easily manage all traffic on the roads and suggest special routes in case of emergencies such as fire brigade or ambulance.

In addition, it helps a lot to identify and control violators of traffic rules at any time of the day or night. Whenever dynamic traffic management is required, this system comes to the rescue of ambulances.

Prototype source code – Smart Traffic Management

Health monitoring system using IoT

Due to the hustle and bustle of life, people sometimes neglect routine check-ups and end up paying the price for chronic disease treatment. The health monitoring system allows the user to track all the vital functions of the body. The system keeps track of all values ​​and shares them with a doctor connected online.

In case vital signs are not up to par, an alert is generated for immediate support. This way, people don’t have to worry about their health as it can be done right from home and doctors are just a call away.

Street lighting monitoring system using IoT

About 19% of the energy produced in the world today is consumed by street lamps. Most of the time, the street lights stay on during the daytime, which is completely useless, so the street light monitoring system can perfectly control and optimize the use of street lights.

With the help of LDR sensors, the movement of vehicles and people is monitored, and the lights are turned on and off. This is one of the best ways to save energy, since the sensors send signals to the microcontroller in case of any activity on the road, which causes the street lights to turn on. Similarly, the light is turned off by the microcontroller when there is no movement.

Wheelchair fall detection system using IoT

Sometimes, due to various diseases or old age, people tend to use a wheelchair, but many people fall from it for various reasons.

The wheelchair’s fall detection system will give an alarm in case of a jerk and may cause a fall to prevent an accident. The alarm can be stopped within seconds if a false alarm is triggered.

Night Patrol Robot

There is no denying the fact that the crime rate is highest at night and night patrol robots are the perfect solution to this problem. The robot is equipped with a night vision camera and performs 360-degree scanning, identifies and analyzes in case of any wrong actions, and generates alarm sounds.

The robot can capture the intruder’s image and generate an alarm by sending the data to the user. Night patrol robots act as smart artificial security guards to protect your home, office or other property.

Prototype source code – Night Patrol Robot

Smart Energy Grid

The entire area is plunged into darkness at the moment when the power grid of the region is turned off. The Smart Energy Grid IoT project fixes this problem. With the help of the ATmega family controller, it is possible to monitor and control the network, and in case of any activity, create an alarm and transmit it via the Internet.

The main objective of the project is to restore the transmission line in the event of a network failure and turn it into an active network.

Miner’s helmet

The most dangerous place to work at present is the mines, as work there is extremely unsafe due to harmful conditions. The miner’s safety helmet has a microcontroller-based circuit that monitors the environment at the mining site and evaluates safety parameters. In addition, the helmet’s RF-based tracking system helps transmit data over the IoT network.

The current location of the worker is determined in real time while he works at the mine. In the event of an emergency, the helmet can be equipped with a panic button to alert management, and rescue operations can begin immediately via the IoT web interface.

Prototype source code – Mining Helmet

Smart baggage tracker using IoT

Traveling has become an essential part of life and carrying luggage is a must. Whether you’re carrying a school bag, a laptop bag, or regular luggage bags, bags are an essential piece.

Cases of lost bags are quite normal these days, and to alleviate this problem, smart luggage trackers can easily locate a bag in case of theft and immediately send the coordinates to the user’s phone. This has helped the tourism sector in an innovative way and the problems of lost luggage have been kept to a minimum to a high level.

Prototype source code – Smart Baggage Tracker

  • There are many ideas for IoT projects and this has greatly simplified our lifestyle. In this innovative world, whether it’s home improvement, smart alarm clock, bassinet, garage door, gas leak, or IoT project ideas are amazing.

Also in the case of traffic management, there is effective Internet of Things projects to simplify parking or traffic management issues. Finally, with the help of sensors and the ability to think outside the box, IoT projects can simplify and save many lives and property in the event of emergencies, whether natural disasters (floods) or man-made.

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