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Youtube NFT integration could be coming soon for content creators

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Youtube NFT integration could be coming soon for content creators


YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki officially confirmed this week that the integration of NFT into the platform will begin this year. The news comes days after other social media giants Meta (formerly Facebook) and Twitter also jumped into the NFT.

YouTube will join the NFT trend in 2022

Last year, we witnessed the NFT boom that convinced many mainstream companies and big names in every industry to join the trend. The latest platform to plan NFT integration is YouTube, as CEO Susan Wojcicki confirmed in a letter:

“We’re always focused on expanding the YouTube ecosystem to help creators capitalize on emerging technologies, including things like NFT,” she said. The company also plans to “continue to strengthen and improve the experience that creators and fans have on YouTube.”

In the same statement, Wojcicki said the company will prioritize shopping, gaming, and music videos. The YouTube Shorts feature is also getting an update after hitting +5 trillion views in a few months. This feature allowed users to create 60-second videos on their smartphones for the YouTube mobile app.

Depending on how NFTs are integrated into YouTube, the issue of content ownership could be resolved.

Social media giants are mastering the NFT market
Of course, YouTube is just one of many social media giants mastering NFTs. Shortly after its controversial rebrand, Meta seems to have plunged into the heart of the market.

Accordingly, the giant company’s NFT integration process is still at an early stage. However, given its plans to create an innovative meta version, it is to be expected that NFTs will slowly but surely be incorporated into the current core features of Instagram and Facebook.

Meanwhile, Twitter has already taken the first step in this direction. The latest NFT feature on the platform allows collectors to upload their digital assets as profile photos by connecting their digital wallets to them.

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